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Disk Explorer Professional v3.70

This software is free. It means that there is no cost or charge associated with the installation and use of Disk Explorer Professional. However, you are entitled to draw support and further services offered by Tomas Jelinek only by donating an adequate sum of money to Tomas Jelinek. Donations are always appreciated, of course!

Disk Explorer Professional Downloads
English Englishdep370en.exeSelf-extracting with installation3503 KB

Language Modules for version 3.70

Disk Explorer Professional Language Modules Downloads
Bulgarian Bulgarian*dln370bg.exeSelf-extracting with installation1990 KB
Czech Czechdln370cz.exeSelf-extracting with installation1987 KB
French Frenchdln370fr.exeSelf-extracting with installation1990 KB
German German*dln370gr.exeSelf-extracting with installation1988 KB
Italian Italiandln370it.exeSelf-extracting with installation1996 KB
Dutch Dutch*dln370nl.exeSelf-extracting with installation1986 KB
Polish Polishdln370pl.exeSelf-extracting with installation2002 KB
Russian Russian*dln370ru.exeSelf-extracting with installation1990 KB
Slovak Slovak*dln370sk.exeSelf-extracting with installation1988 KB
Spanish Spanishdln370sp.exeSelf-extracting with installation1998 KB

Modules marked with asterisk (*) have not translated the application documentation yet.

If you would like to translate the application into another language please contact us!!

Disk Explorer Professional Database Viewer for Total Commander

This Total Commander (Windows Commander) plug-in allows you to see contents of Disk Explorer Professional Database files.


  • unzip the file ""
  • copy the "ded.wcx" to your Total Commander installation folder
  • choose the menu "Configuration" -> "Options"
  • choose the "Packer Tab"
  • click the "Configure Packer Extension DLLs" button
  • type "ded" as new extension
  • click "New Type", and select "ded.wcx"
  • click "OK"

Disk Explorer Professional Database Viewer for Total Commander Downloads
English Englishded_wcx.zipLatest Version 1.3 in ZIP archive37 KB

Additional files or actualizations for better performance